Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Belated Anniversary & Whoa! Two Date Nights in a Weekend Row!

The 4th of March was our 5th wedding anniversary. He's a good man. A while back I remember explaining to my friend(who was struggling at the time with her relationship) that I must have lucked out. Because I married my husband knowing his potential, not because he was perfect in our relationship at the time. We certainly had our rough moments in the beginning! The man never *actually* proposed to me. He's been threatened told gently that one should still be forthcoming.

You may have heard the story of how we met before, but I love to tell it again anyways.

My first memory of my husband is of him chasing me around a pear tree at his parents' house and me being exceedingly embarrassed at the attentions of a boy. I was around the age of 6; he was 8 or so. My mom and his mom sewed and canned together. One of his sisters has my exact birthday and we played together, too. We went to the same church and small town school but he readily admits, he didn't know it until he was a senior and I was a junior! It was a fairly typical setup. He was a kind of jock; I was a total nerd. After that pear tree incident, I spent the next 15+ years wishing he'd notice me again. But at the same time I spent a lot of energy trying to blend in at school to avoid being teased from (insert anything and everything kids tease about). So it wasn't really his fault. It wasn't until my senior year that I began to stretch my wings a bit and step out of the wallpaper.

We went on one date when I was 20ish. He never called me back! Apparently while I was intimidated by his hotness, he was a little intimidated by my perceived smarts and um, opinions. We hung out a couple times after and always had fun. But it never seemed to be anything more than friends. When he called me up around Valentine's Day '05 (after getting my number again from my mom, HA) and invited me to a movie, I thought why not? We are just friends! A couple of weeks later he informed me it was actually a date... I still remember the goofy, 'Yessss!' he exclaimed after our 'relationship talk'. Did I mention he turned out to be an even bigger nerd than I am?

February- started dating. November- engaged. March- married. We figured since we'd known each other so long, not much point in dragging things out! There was initially a 4 year plan before having kids. That I negotiated to 2 years. That became 4 months when I got knocked up. Funny how those things go!

So there's a little story of how our family began.

And yes, we've managed 2 date nights in a weekend row to celebrate our anniversary! Thanks in large part to having so much family nearby. My dad and stepmom had the kids the first weekend. We went to our local Science Center to visit the traveling Da Vinci exhibit and watch the Van Gogh Imax documentary. Then out to dinner. I thought I'd find the Da Vinci exhibit the most fascinating but ended up being more interested in the Van Gogh doc. If you find them available in your city, please go visit!

This past weekend my hub's parents watched the kids while we went to TRON at the Imax(mostly for the hubs but in truth, I loved it. Awesome way to see that movie!) and then out to dinner again. I should note, we just happened to have gift cards to both restaurants, the exhibit and one Imax show so all in all, it was a cheap extended anniversary celebration! We probably went out more in the past two weekends than we usually do in 3 months. A girl could get used to such fancy shenanigans...

5 years down, countless more to go. Love you, babe!


Hillary said...

That is SO SWEET!!! Totally made my day.. Happy anniversary, and many, MANY more!!!

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