Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Reads: Poultry Industry, NBA Players, Worm Bin

Poultry Industry Smother Immigrant Farmers and Abuses Antibiotics

I considered just posting the above link, because I feel it to be another extremely important read. The subject matter really is applicable to many things we consume today. Or in general, the way the majority of American Consumers have been trained to think. Cheap has a hidden cost. Whether it's in a lesser quality product or jobs sent overseas, it has a cost. What are you willing to pay?

Players Chip in to Save Coach's Life after Clippers Decline Medical Coverage

I'm not a sports person at all. But this is a good read.

How to Start a Worm Bin

We hope to get one of these up and running this year! When we do, I'll be sure to share the process with you. Anyone can do this regardless of space!


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