Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You CAN Teach an Old Mom New Tricks... Tips on Nose Wipes and Naps

Motherhood is an amazing adventure full of learning at every turn. Just when I think I know it all (HA) something surprises me! There are two things in particular that did just that recently- one with my big girl and one with my little guy.

1. Flexing for Baby- Mom, don't wipe my nose! Or face! 

(Hoping I haven't already posted this but pretend it's new if you've read it before)

No kid I know likes their nose wiped. At least by age 2 or 3 they know it's inevitable and don't put up the huge fight that a strong willed 14 month old can. We used to dread it, trying a distracted sneaky nose wipe or a surprise attack that my son loudly protested. Using a cloth wipe helps some but even that wasn't making things easier for us. Then one day for some reason I changed my approach. Moving slowly towards him with the hated wipe I quietly said, 'Gentle, gentle, gentle.' while very softly wiping his nose.

Sort of like how you walk around a horse.

Oddly enough, it worked. Nose wipes? No problemo! Now, face wipes with a wet cloth(even warm) still a no-go, but we're working on it.

2. Flexing for the Big Kid- But Mom, I Don't Wanna Nap!

My almost 4 year old has taken a 2+ hour nap almost every day since she was 18 months. Before that, she took 2 2-hour naps a day! Now we're in the crazy transition stage where she thinks she doesn't want to nap but can't quite make it to bedtime without melting down. It's become a daily struggle to get her to stay in bed and not do everything in her power to stay awake(singing, playing with our lovie, looking out the window, etc). Finally this week I got fed up with her waking up the little man and had her lay on the couch. If nothing else, I thought she'd get some quiet time in and maybe that would get us through the day.

Then she fell asleep. I kid you not.

The Big Girl that refuses to nap in my bed or her bed will fall asleep easily on the couch. Wondering if it was just a fluke? We've done this now 3 days in a row. I can't tell you how pleasant it is not to have to remind or scold or get frustrated with my sweet, still needing a nap daughter(at least over this!). She's snoozing peacefully on the couch 10ft from me as I write. Have to admit, I benefit not only in getting a break myself but also getting to watch her beautiful, sleeping face. I know you know what I mean. It's the only time we get to study the incredible people we grew that are now in constant, blurry motion.

So what exactly are my tips and tricks? Approach your baby like a spooked horse when it comes to nose wipes? Try napping your big kid on the couch? Not necessarily. My tip is just to be flexible and willing to try something new when the usual method isn't garnering your desired results. And think outside the box! You might just be surprised what works for you!


Julie said...

LOL. Spooked horse...that made me laugh out loud! You're so right about being flexible. Life with kids is definitely daily reinforcement on that one. :) Thanks for sharing the cute moments of Mommy success. You go, girl! :)

Yadi said...

Well I don't think Abby will fall for that first trick... we just make her laugh so hard that she doesn't know what happened.

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