Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Monday!

I'm up way too late but by golly, got the darn menu done for the week! Here's to hoping I can will myself out of bed in the morning to make a quick run for a couple day's worth of stuff. I'll be attempting to switch the bulk of my grocery shopping over to Wednesday. My local grocery store has a 10% off their 'Health Market' aka organic stuff on Wednesdays. Not terribly convenient for how I like to set my week up but then again, if it were Mondays they'd probably lose more money, right?! Ah well, after a quick common sense calc in my head I realized doing this could save me 300+ a year. That's motivation enough for me!

eggs, bacon, oranges, toast
tilapia, mixed veggies, applesauce, foccacia bread
spinach calzones with blue cheese, apples

cream of wheat, berries, walnuts, honey
PBJ, carrots, celery, banana
Brazilian Fejoada, oranges, rice, sauteed kale

pancakes, bananas, berries
spinach black bean lasagna, applesauce, bread
Dad's house for dinner

cream of wheat, berries, walnuts, honey
sweet potato chicken curry, basmati rice, naan, applesauce(would rather a mango but near impossible to get a good one here!)
leftovers, oranges

eggs, bacon, banana, toast
falafel in pita pockets with cucumber dip, red and yellow bells slices, oranges
The Hubby's Grill Night- he's in charge. I said whatever, just grill it!

There you go! This week's menu is all fresh(no frozen leftovers) so mama's going to be a busy lady. But after a week of leftovers last week I promised the hubs a stellar menu for this week. The Brazilian Fejoada is a surprise for him. Hoping I make it right and he likes it! The grocery bill is most likely going to be a bit more than usual, too... Yikes.

Happy Eating! Once I try out some of these new dishes I'll report back with what was delicious!


Krysta said...

That sounds like a delicious week! Spinach black bean lasagna is intriguing.

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