Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Monday!

Whoo, she's on a roll! Yet another Menu Monday, on Monday! The goal for this week is cheap and easy. Thanks to my trusty freezer, it will be just that.

Breakfast- PB toast with banana and honey
Lunch- Chickpea fritters with salad, apples and walnuts
Dinner- Kale Goulash with applesauce and bread

Breakfast- Cream of wheat and berries
Lunch- 6 Bean soup with bread and oranges
Dinner- Filled Rolls(new one for us) with applesauce and corn

Breakfast- Eggs, english muffin, cheese, banana
Lunch- Turkey dumplings, apples(lots of veggies in the dumplings)
Dinner- Dad's

Breakfast- Cream of wheat and berries
Lunch- Wild rice squash soup, apples and bread
Dinner- PBJ, banana, carrots and celery

Breakfast- Egg, english muffin, cheese, berries
Lunch- Spaghetti, applesauce, bread(lots of veggies in the spaghetti sauce)
Dinner- Beef stew, bread and oranges

There you have it! Over half my grocery list is produce. The grand total was: 48.00. I got a couple extra things for the pantry or it'd have been more like 40.00. Still, not bad for a week's worth of organic groceries to feed 4+ mouths.


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