Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting to Know Me

I'm a nerd, or nosy, and love reading 'Get to Know Me' posts. Maybe you do, too! So here you go, 100 61 things about me you probably never wanted to know. Cheers!

1. I'm 5'9.
2. I'm the shortest in my immediate family of 4 siblings.
3. My torso is extra long, by 4in. Pain in the rump for clothes, good for small preggy bellies.
4. I have 11 step-siblings, not counting in-laws.
5. I can't stop myself from picking up people's accents. British, Italian, Spanish, Minnesotan!
6. Drunk people used to say I looked like Julia Stiles.
7. Sober people say I look like Mandy Moore.
8. Alanis Morissette's 'Utopia' is my favorite song.
9. I love me some Natalie Merchant.
10. I can't choose a favorite flower anymore than I can choose a favorite color.
11. In high school I was a pharmacy technician for 2+ years.
12. Contest Speech nerd, all the way. Reader's Theatre, Improv, Choral Reading, etc.
13. I cook lots of different things all of the time to keep from getting bored.
14. Pre-husband and babies, I traveled to 9 different countries.
15. Hayward, WI area is my favorite place in the world.
16. Growing up, I walked beans. Anyone know what that is??
17. My first home purchase was a new construction townhome at the age of 19(I turned 20 a month later).
18. I failed out of college my freshman year.
19. My second home purchase was my current home at the age of 22.
20. I held customer service type positions for 6+ years pre-kiddos. (Now hate the phone!)
21. At one point I had my Series 6, now expired(sad!)
22. The only movies I can watch repeatedly are cartoons, like Disney or Pixar.
23. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.
24. I've known my husband since I was 6 and he was 8.
25. We never dated until in our 20s.
26. He still owes me a legit proposal!
27. I have Reynaud's Syndrome, brought on mostly by stress.
28. My parents told me they were divorcing as they were moving me to college.
29. I love chocolate.
30. I love planning, planting and tending a garden.
31. I hate harvesting. Especially tomatoes.
32. Spiders freak me out.
33. Snakes also freak me out.
34. In 8th grade I broke my leg on Spirit Mountain.
35. Because of that broken leg, it brought together the best group of girlfriends ever.
36. I hate contacts.
37. I love (and wear) square, thick rimmed glasses.
38. My favorite sound is my children laughing together.
39. Oh my gosh I'm never going to make it to 100.
40. I used to dream of being an ice skater!
41. I hate to floss.
42. My new dream is to become a food judge on Food Network.
43. I hate socks.
44. Half of the year I go barefoot outside.
45. My feet are kind of gross.
46. I start crafts but take forever to finish them. If I even finish them.
47. My memories start from age 2.
48. I think Legos are the best imagination toy since stick drawing in dirt.
49. I'm intimidated by my 3 yr old daughter.
50. In high school I scored 4's on my AP English tests.
51. But I can't indicate parts of speech in a sentence.
52. I like applesauce on my pizza.
52. I like to dip fresh, hot bread with butter on it in homemade chocolate pudding.
53. Making friends scares me.
54. Lima beans are gross.
55. I love sushi but hate cooked fish.
56. I'm allergic to most commercial wools.
57. I love to sing but can't in front of anyone other than my kids.
58. One of my brothers sings opera.
59. I truly believe my husband is my soul mate.
60. I have tiny angel wings tattooed on my back, an 18th birthday present to myself.
100. In Kindergarten, I couldn't count to 100. (And yes, I think I'm funny)


Susan said...

Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. You've done a nice job with your page. Thank you for letting me visit.

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