Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Podsshoes and Patterns review

A few weeks ago I noticed my sweet prince's tiny toes pushing against his soft shoes. Time for a new pair! Now that he is a walker(and so proud of himself) I think it important he have something more than socks on his feet while walking at the store, church, mall, etc., but also don't want to impede the natural forming of his foot and gait with an improper shoe. After much debate I decided to stick with a traditional soft shoe with no padding or cushion until the next pair. 

Then the fun part: shopping! 

I debated getting a pair from a nearby Target, but really am striving to support other work at home moms that make their products by hand. Bonus when the item is made with natural materials in an eco-friendly manner- like upcycling! 

After tons of searching I finally made a purchase from Podsshoes and Patterns on Etsy. 

Aren't these rugged, handsome shoes for a handsome son?

He is especially handsome when picking his nose. Ha!

The perfect olive color- the detail stitching really makes them awesome.

Podsshoes started with a gift to a friend of some shoes made from a recycled leather coat. This lucky and wise friend encouraged the talented mom to sew up more for a bazaar. It's no surprise to me that they were a huge hit, and thus Podsshoes were born. 

Despite having 9 children, she still finds time to design and sew these darling shoes out of recycled leather and upholstery thread. Her goal is to make a quality shoe that is also comfortable and stylish. Check out these sweet cowboy boots and mary janes! (warning: clicking on the above links may cause your ovaries to hurt unless you have a baby!)

I am impressed with everything about these shoes. My 13 month old has the 12-18 month size and they fit perfectly with room to grow. They stay on but he can get them off if he wants. Just the overall quality of materials, attention to detail and style really has me sold. I also feel the price is fair and am happy to support a work at home mom that makes quality products. 

***This review is my honest opinion of the product, I purchased our shoes and received no compensation.***


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Love the nose picking picture, the other day Nic brought me a little thing in his hand (usually he picks up stray pieces of thread or picks lint off of stuff) and yeah, it was a booger.

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

LOL BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh that makes me LAUGH! Nina is really into bringing me pieces of lint and stuff. Thankfully, no boogers from her. =) I'm sure I'll be the recipient in the near future of booger gifts from my son, too.

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