Thursday, February 3, 2011

Muttaqin Diapers review

We've been cloth diapering in our family now for about 3 1/2 years. Along the way I've literally tried a hundred different kinds of diapers on both my daughter(who's almost 4 and potty learned since 2 1/2) and son(13 months). One of my favorites I've tried in every size is a Muttaqin diaper- fondly referred to as 'mutts'  by diaper enthusiasts.

Muttaqin Baby is run by work at home mom, Michelle. She began her cloth diaper business on Hyenacart, my favorite site for handmade items. Thanks to a great fit, quality crafts(wo)manship and super cute prints, Muttaqin Baby became a huge success with diapers flying off the shelves faster than she could make them! In fact, the sheer amount of internet traffic crashed the site whenever she stocked.

The diaper I'm showing you today is a one-size fitted; dubbed a '3 Step Rise 1 Size' for the way the size adjustment functions. Depending on the kiddo's shape, it should fit from 8lbs to 35lbs. That should get you through potty learning!

All snapped down to newborn/small size. So tiny and cute!

The inside of the diaper is a silky soft velour. Note the snap-in petal soaker. This design allows for minimum bulk, maximum absorption, more thorough washing and faster dry time.

A little dark, but I think you can still see how great it fits! I love the cross over snaps. My kids have tiny waists. At about 19lbs, my baby is on the medium rise and still using the crossover wing snaps. The material is also very stretchy so you can get a snug, comfortable fit.

Yes, babies can still move freely in cloth! It is not hindering my little monkey from climbing on everything. Even after 3+ years of cloth, it still amazes me how well it can hold in the 'ick' vs. a disposable diaper. My mutts do not leave red marks on his thighs, which is important to me.

Even my little prince can appreciate the sweet blue/brown giraffes! )Hey, if you're going to have to wear it- might as well be stylin'!) You can really see in this picture how it fits around his thighs. Can't have any gaps there or it's a recipe for disaster at our house. 

Muttaqin diapers top the diaper list of many families, especially when it comes to the newborn size. We actually have a 'That's How Much I Love You' newborn print put away in my son's memory box! I thought about getting it out to take a picture for you but thought better of it. It'd just make me cry at how big he's gotten! 

If you're looking to try something new, just wanting to add a cute print or even give a rock star baby shower gift to a cloth-curious mom, check out Muttaqin Baby. For more instock diapers see Little Fluff Monster. Are you an expecting mom? They do have a registry option!


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