Friday, February 4, 2011

On the Farm- Eggs! A story in pictures

Heading into the chicken coop! Daddy, girlie and Great Papa.

Dad got to change the water.

 Girlie got to gather the eggs!

We love to gather eggs. Mom is breathing through her mouth because it is stinky.

The girls and their rooster. He's a loud one.

 Her basket is full! Thankfully Great Papa has an even bigger one.

 Scrunchy face in the blinding white snow.

 A second attempt at a smile with eyes open... oh well!

 Great Papa and his dog, Zeb. Zeb has beautiful ice blue eyes.

 Wait for me!

Time to put the eggs away in their carton.We like to count them.

 Aw, it's a 'sweet baby egg!' Dramatic? Cheesy? Of course!

 This one had speckles. We just love going to the farm to gather eggs!


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