Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Menu.. Tuesday?

I'm slacking. My apologies. For some reason I haven't quite gotten my energy back after that lovely sinus cold I had 2 weekends ago! Maybe it's because that sinus cold followed the flu... Anyone else just getting beat by all of these germs this winter? Although energy is finally coming; today I finally kicked some house cleaning booty that was overdue.

Moving on! Food for the week!

Breakfast- Eggs with garlic and spinach, oranges and bananas
Lunch- PBJ(my 'treat' for the kids on Valentine's Day!) carrots and apples
Dinner- North Indian Chicken and Spinach with Basmati rice, apples*

Breakfast- Pancakes, blueberries and bananas, a little cheese
Lunch- Beef stew, whole wheat rolls and apples(thanks, mom!)
Dinner- Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, oranges

Breakfast- Steel cut oats with honey, raisins, walnuts
Lunch- Leftover North Indian Chicken and Spinach with basmati rice and oranges
Dinner- My Dad's

Breakfast- Leftover pancakes, blueberries and bananas, a little cheese
Lunch- Tuna melts, green apples and bell pepper slices
Dinner- Stuffed peppers with rice, applesauce

Breakfast- Muffins(not sure what kind just yet) cheese and banana
Lunch- Kale vegetable soup, whole wheat rolls, apples
Dinner- Tacos, lettuce, tomato, cheese, oranges

*This might sound familiar and yes, we were supposed to have it the previous week and did not!

Pretty easy menu this week. I can tell you now that the North Indian Chicken and Spinach is delicious. I'll post about that separately. But let's just say I wish we'd doubled it because it is so good. As far as the grocery budget, we're a little over due to picking up a new 12in cast iron Lodge pan this week. And a set of pyrex with lids for leftover storage. Finally getting rid of the icky plastic stuff we've had for too long!

Is it Spring, yet?


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