Friday, February 18, 2011

Outside at Last!

It was one. long. week. (Note my use of periods to back that statement up) By Wednesday, I had visions of breaking all of my plates. Oh yes. Thursday, it was quitting my job. Friday, running away for the weekend just to be by myself.

Yet, here I sit. Still holding on to a shred of sanity(and my plates). Was it the full moon that caused the little people in my life to act like possessed children of the corn? I don't know. All I know is, I got to go outside 2 days in a row! Which is probably why I still have some sanity, didn't run away or quit my job.

Stink won't even look at me for a direct face picture! But he's still pretty cute. 

Managed just to grab this pic before she put on the cheesy face!

Even daddy got in on the fun. He's a good sport. 

While today wasn't warm feeling like yesterday- actually had the windows open- it still felt fantastic to be out. There are a couple pockets of snow left, but not much. I can see my garden borders again. I feel like I can really plan(I'm a visual person, hard to visualize when my ground is under snow) and dream of the possibilities this spring/summer. My box of seeds came from Garden's Alive. Now to work on building up the raised beds, setting new ones and filling them up.

Who knew some day I'd be looking forward to yard work? Gardening is hard work but so rewarding on many different levels. The physical activity is great of course, along with the actual fruits of your labors; but I find one of the best things about gardening is working together with my family. And yes, they ALL help! Even if Sweet Prince just eats a little dirt. People wonder how I get my kids to eat kale, spinach, beets, beans, peas, carrots- it's because we grow them. They love to point out a vegetable and proudly say, 'I grow that in MY garden'. We talk about the things we grow at the table as we are eating them. When you're serving roast beets seasoned with a little sense of accomplishment and pride, well, they just taste better!

What activity do you do to bring your family closer together?


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

I won't tell you the temperature where I am this week :)

Our most common family activity is Movie Night. It happens almost every weekend with eating pizza picnic style while watching a good flick.

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

HA! So you're telling me, we wouldn't need hats and coats where you are?? ;0) LOL
Love Movie Night! That is so fun. We did that growing up and it was a special treat to eat picnic style in the living room. Might have to implement that here, too. =)

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