Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: TomBoyKnits

Welcome to our November spotlights on the wonderful people sponsoring Adventures in Green Living for the upcoming A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Please take a moment to read about each sponsor and visit their shop.
Today we are going to get to know a little about Shannon of TomBoyKnits. Shannon is another wonderful Etsy artisan. Just from the pictures you can tell she does flawless work!
About Shannon of TomBoyKnits:
I learned to knit about 7 years ago. I picked up a kid's book on how to knit and between that and the internet, have learned everything I need to know. I started knitting for my son before he was born. He's 2 now and too big to knit for - I really prefer to knit for the little ones! So this gives me an excuse. I have had my shop about a year, and hope to be adding custom listings soon, and possibly hat and longies sets with matching embellished shirts. I have a 2 year old son named Owen and a 15 year old dog named Q.  -Shannon
Doesn't it all look so wonderfully squishy and soft? If you or someone you know has a tiny babe coming in the near future, be sure to look for a sweet newborn soaker Shannon has contributed in one of my giveaway packages! In the meantime, go check out TomBoyKnits for more squishy woolies! Thanks, Shannon!


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