Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trader Joe's

At last, I have experienced the experience that is the Trader Joe's experience!

Little old West Des Moines, Iowa opened their first Trader Joe's about a week ago. We didn't get out on the actual opening day but made it that first Saturday night. It was packed! The store itself isn't that large; they occupy what I think was an empty store front in a mini strip-mall area. It was fun to be part of the chaos and excitement but we'll have to go back when there is more time to actually check things out. We picked up milk, goat's gouda(yum!), mint hot chocolate mix(so-so), whole wheat bread, dried fruit and nuts for the hub's desk at work and a dried fruit roll up thing for my big girl. It totaled around 23$, which surprised me- in a good way.

Next time I'd like to see if they carry baby items/food/snacks. Also hoping they make the bath and body section bigger. All in all it seems like a nice place to shop. We won't make it a weekly thing but as we're on that side of town if we need something, we'll stop there!


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