Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Spotlight- Little House Creations

Welcome to our November spotlights on the wonderful people sponsoring Adventures in Green Living for the upcoming A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Please take a moment to read about each sponsor and visit their shop.

Today's spotlight is on a sweet etsy store by the name of Little House Creations. Abby of Little House Creations is all about creating things to help 'prevent waste and promote recycling'. While originally she made and sold handmade jewelry, Abby changed direction in 2009 and began to focus on making reusable 'green' items. Her interest in cloth diapers in particular were driven by her decision to use them on her own son while pregnant. She also makes sandwich bags and snack bags in addition to cloth diapers.

Fitted cloth diaper

Sandwich bag

Snack bag

Let's get to know Abby of Little House Creations!

When did you learn (your craft)/who taught you?I learned to sew from my mom who was always making me and my siblings pajamas and summer outfits. My first project to sew on my own was hair scrunchies, which all of my friends probably received from me as a birthday gift for the following few years. (I loved scrunchies!)

Why do you create these items?I love to make things that will get lots of regular use around our house. I first started out with making reusable snack and sandwich bags just over a year ago. And then added cloth diapers and wipes about six months ago.

What new items are you planning on adding to your shop?I'd like to add some upcycled children's clothing and women's cloth pads to my Etsy shop in the coming year.

What area of the country are you from?I am originally from Michigan, I then moved to Boston where I spent a handful of years and met my husband and we now live in Tucson, Arizona. 

Is this your sole job or do you have others?As of just a few weeks ago, I am now a stay-at-home mama and my Etsy shop is my only work outside of taking care of my family, and I couldn't be more happy with this arrangement!

Do you have any other hobbies?I love to run road races, hike the mountains surrounding Tucson, read autobiographies, play competitive games of scrabble, and swing dance with my husband.

Would you like to share any info about family/pets?My husband, Ryan, and I have been married for 5 years, and we have an 8 month old son named Ezra that we are absolutely smitten by! 

Abby and her son, Ezra
Little House Creations is contributing a cloth diaper and wipes to A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Thanks so much to Abby for her generosity and support. WAHM's rock! A Merry Fluffy Christmas kicks off December 1st- are you ready for some fluff? I can't wait!


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