Monday, November 22, 2010

Just what does 1,000 pounds of gingerbread look like?

Well, with a few added pretties...

Downtown Chicago Marriott

The only thing we were able to see this past weekend was the unveiling of Marriott's gingerbread scene in Downtown Chicago on Friday night. At least we got to do one thing! Notice the guy to the side to get an idea of scale... he is a decent height- close to if not at least 6'. Amazing what the collaborative efforts of 20+ people can accomplish! My brother's boyfriend was one of the main chef's that worked on it. Of course now I'm wondering why I didn't get any close ups... sorry! Might have been distracted by the baby in his ergo on my chest while trying to snap pictures and the tempting calls of hot chocolate, cider, cookies and cake down the steps to our right...

The blue 'glass' is poured sugar.  YUM!

The Little Lady enjoying a ginger snap cookie!

It was warm and cozy in the lobby with our treats! I have recipes to share, too!

Does the baby want a cookie? Just joking!

The happy family, pre-sickie stuff. 

 I am thankful for my brother and his boyfriend and the wonderful uncles they are! Also thankful we were at least able to support Nik after all the hard work that went into the gingerbread scene. The Lighting of the Magnificent Mile will have to wait for next year I guess. Want to see what they did last year?

I didn't get to see this one in person, sadly. Doesn't it make you want to jump the fence and take a giant chomp out of the plate? Move on over, Willy Wonka! I got some gingerbread to eat!


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