Monday, November 22, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Spotlight- Holden's Landing

Welcome to our November spotlights on the wonderful people sponsoring Adventures in Green Living for the upcoming A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Please take a moment to read about each sponsor and visit their shop.

I'm so excited one of my favorite WAHM's, Bonnie of Holden's Landing, has joined us for A Merry Fluffy Christmas! I originally discovered Bonnie on Hyenacart a couple years ago while looking for diapers. But these are no diapers, they are works of art! Open since 2004, you can expect to find hand dyed fabrics with beautiful embroidery on diapers, pillow cases, blankets and children's clothing.

Bonnie's talent doesn't end at dying and sewing; she also owns Earth*School, a curriculum specially designed for homeschooling families. Prior to staying home with her children, Bonnie was the director of an early childhood education center and a kindergarten teacher for over seven years. As a freelance writer, she has had work published in both magazines and books. Earth*School is a culmination of her years of experience in her field of work and also as a stay at home mom.

We are the lucky owners of a gorgeous playscape diaper and organic bamboo velour pillowcase- that is to say, my kiddos are the lucky owners! The diaper resides on my son's tush and the pillowcase was a Christmas gift for my daughter last year. The quality of workmanship and materials is apparent in how well both items have held up for us over the past year.

**Excuse the terrible attempt at picture taking! 'Tis the season of little to no natural light!

Let's get to know more about Bonnie!

When did you learn your craft and who taught you?

     My mother used to sew all my clothes when I was little.  I remember her showing me how to thread the machine when I was really young, and I would sneak into the den and pull out the machine and fabrics whenever I could.  The first thing I remember making is a little brown satiny pouch - I loved that thing!  I never really *learned* to sew, no one ever taught me ... like most everything else in my life, I liked it, and just dove in and taught myself what I needed to know. 

Why do you create these items?

     I got started making cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Holden - I had purchased some mass produced ones and they weren't exactly what I had wanted, so I started to make my own.  I became a wee bit obsessed with making them, so I started selling them.  I have always loved creative things and this provides a creative outlet for me.  It is my job, but I absolutely adore what I do!

Where do you get your ideas?

Everywhere.  Billboards, magazine ads, nature ... I am forever seeing something and thinking, "That would make a great diaper!"

What new items are you planning on adding to your shop?

     I introduced a new line of diapers this August called The Menagerie; I will be adding 2 new additions every month through next year for sure.  These are a lot of fun! I am working on a new, larger size (Junior) for my diapers as well.  I have a trainer pattern on the back burner, but I never seem to get to that.  I plan to add some new knits as well.  I have far too many ideas, and no where near enough time! I have a few other things up my sleeve as well ... but I am not telling yet!

Do you have any other hobbies?

     I love to bake! That is the one hobby that I am able to make time for.  I love cooking, hiking, collecting things ... I love most every craft I try, I just don't have enough time to craft much other than for Holden's Landing.  Before HL, I was an avid scrapbooker and have dozens of albums of my daughter completed ... then I had Holden and he has 1, lol.  But he had a lot of diapers!

Would you like to tell us about your family and pets?

     Our family just moved to a rural area, with a large barn and land for animals.  This spring, we will be welcoming some chickens, guinea hens, Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and alpacas to our family.

You can also find Holden's Landing on Facebook and at her blog! Wanting to do a custom order? Email- bonnie at holdenslanding dot com. Bonnie is contributing a holiday themed diaper to A Merry Fluffy Christmas- can't wait to see what she's cooked up. Thanks, Bonnie!


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