Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Draining tubs

When it comes to our house, I have to remind myself often to be thankful.

It's 70 years old. Of  that 70, 64 were spent with owners that apparently didn't know how to properly repair or just didn't care. There's also the little matter of our backyard flooding after a couple hard rains that wasn't disclosed but moving on...

Our tub has always had a slow drain. My husband assumed it was due to my copious amounts of hair loss(thanks, post pregnancy hormones!) and honestly, I did, too! Every month or two we'd have to go get a serious bottle of sulfuric acid to get the tub to drain again as nothing else came close to working. 

A couple weeks ago, the serious stuff stopped working. Despite my husband's best snaking efforts and the removal of a marker cap(?!) it still wouldn't drain. So he called his dad to come take a look and it was decided it'd be best just to replace the drain pipes in the basement. 

This is where I get thankful.

Come to find out, the original owners never plumbed the drains right. They just gooped a bunch of plumber's putty around the pipe and jammed it up in the tub from below. Further down they did the same in an effort to make different sized pipes fit. We finally figured this out when my father in law said, 'Wait a minute...' grabbed the pipe and pulled it straight down, the whole thing coming off.

I am thankful for family that are handy (my dad and uncle have also been a lot of help!). I am thankful that blasted pipe didn't come off on it's own and make a huge mess in the basement and under the floor. I am thankful the repairs cost around $50. I am thankful we replaced the whatever-its-called and it has a proper bath plug.

I am especially thankful to now have a properly draining tub after 6 years!

(Oh yeah, and turns out most of the draining issues were due to all the corrosion from our old pipes. Not my hair!)


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