Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Spotlight- BabyLegs

Welcome to our November spotlights on the wonderful people sponsoring Adventures in Green Living for the upcoming A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Please take a moment to read about each sponsor and visit their shop.

I'm excited to announce BabyLegs is sponsoring just about every blog in our giveaway! Isn't that generous? Some packages vary from blog to blog but here we will have a $50 value grab bag of winner's choice in girl or boy.

If you haven't already read my review of them, please do so Here. We love our Legs in the Crazy Green House! I'll probably be packing the rainbows away in my daughter's memory box, as a matter of fact. At her age we don't wear them as often(3 1/2 years) but my son wears his daily(10 months). 

Here are some pictures I dug up of my sweet girl in her Legs as she's grown up:

We are so excited to have BabyLegs as a sponsor for A Merry Fluffy Christmas! Many thanks to them for their support- and for an awesome cloth diaper accessory that's we don't want to live without! 


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