Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

What a week.

On top of the longest short week ever(highlight: baby biting his tongue in a fall), trying to get packed for vacation(highlight: almost breaking computer), trying to get to the vacation destination(highlight: hitting 'sleeping' deer on interstate) and finally arriving(highlight: 5 hour trip took 10 hours), the sick bug found us. Or more specifically, my 11 month old. Last night was spent running him to the sink every hour to throw up, twice every hour when his stomach was empty to dry heave. We're going on 12+ hours of no wet dipes and 36+ hours of no #2. I've put a call in to our pediatrician twice now and have yet to hear back. That makes me angry. All week need is a phone call to determine if we need to pack up and A. go home, B. find a local clinic, C. go to the ER, D. wait. All options aside from D. will take time seeing as we are in Chicago and a long ways from home.

So things are going to be a little delayed- I have several sponsor spotlights to still get up, a couple reviews and giveaways. My inbox is just a little on the crazy side. I apologize and hope to have life settle down very quickly so I can get caught up. Thanks!


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