Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CSN and BabyKicks Review

Remember my teaser post on a CSN Review here?

What I decided to test out was... the BabyKicks Organic Fitted Diaper!

I know. Over 200+ stores and I choose a cloth diaper. What can I say? We love cloth! At one point after I first started cloth diapering my then 4 month old daughter, I actually dreamed about them. Maybe I shouldn't tell people that... moving on!

First of all, this was my 3rd order with CSN Stores. And like the two before it, ordering was easy, fast and delivery time anywhere from quick to comparable with most online retailers. They're on the ball with communicating the status of your order and I appreciate that.

Getting the BabyKicks Organic Fitted was exciting as I've heard about them quite a bit recently. Several other people have tried them out and I was anxious to, as well. The fitted is a one-size(7-40lbs, approximately), which isn't generally my favorite when it comes to fit. However, I didn't notice the usual bulk that most seem to have. It's actually a very trim diaper! The fact that it is made mostly out of organic cotton and hemp is nice, too.

You can really see how trim it is- no bubble bunz here:

And no danger of blowouts or leaks, either! The elastic has been gentle on my son's thighs.

Check out the belly! The snap-down settings on the outside of the diaper mean no worries about snaps against baby's skin. I like that. I like that a lot.

Strike a pose!

We'd like to see them add a 4th snap on the wings to allow for greater flexibility in fit around the waist. I'd also like to see less polyester in the material. Addressing these two minor issues would really seal the deal for me!

I'm glad I got to test out the BabyKicks Organic Fitted diaper. It has a fantastic fit, is super trim, dries quickly and will fit for a long time. Even the multi-colored snaps add a little fun pop in addition to making it easy for dad to get on the proper setting each time. While technically a pocket fitted, we've just been laying the insert on top and that's worked well.

BabyKicks carry several cloth diapers and accessories- prefolds, hemp inserts, wipes, etc. We enjoy the Joey Bunz inserts in our overnight diapers! Most recently they've released their new 3G Pocket Diaper that I'd also love to try. The colors are really pretty.

My thanks to CSN for the opportunity to review the item!

**I was not compensated in any way for this review; I was sent the product to give a fair and honest review of my experiences. These are my opinions only.


Bao said...

I love their cute buttons!!

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