Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Open House: Traditions in Ornaments

One of the things that comes to mind for the Holidays are the handmade decorations my siblings, mother and I made years ago. Beaded ornaments on pipe cleaners, cross-stitch, hard baked dough, construction paper hands with photos, etc. decorated our tree growing up. We didn't have a lot of money, so we just didn't have a lot of 'pretty' ornaments. There may have been some moments as a teenager that I was frustrated by all of these worn looking things and wished we had a tree like the ones you see in department stores. Now as a parent, I better understand and appreciate the simple joy and beauty in displaying something my child has made.
My daughter's 1st Christmas Pooh, son's first Christmas train and daughter's chosen ornament last year.

One tradition we're attempting to hold to is letting the children pick out their own ornament each year(or us for them until they are able to indicate an opinion!). When they have their own home and tree, we will give them all of those ornaments. I hope they will be special to our children, much like my own 'First Christmas' ornament has always been special to me. Even as an adult, I still love peering in the little window each year when I put it on the tree.

My first Christmas ornament.

And I should note, my parents probably did have pretty ornaments. Until they had children. Which I remind myself often as each year for the last 3 Christmas's, one of my pretty ornaments have been broken! Actually, I vividly remember my brother chasing me around the house with one of the Wise Men and throwing it at me at the precise, unfortunate moment it would hit the iron banister behind... My dad still has the treasured Nativity, minus a few pieces. I thought about replacing them last year but decided to give him something better.

Two antique red ornaments I was given by my grandparents, as well as their first Grandparent's ornament when my upcoming arrival was announced!

His first grandson.
Our little Prince, born 12-28-2009.

Looking for a little gift to give guests? Try making your own ornaments! Check out All Free Crafts for some ideas on things you can do. I love the Victorian Icing Cards and will be trying that this year.
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Bree said...

I like that! I have a bunch from my childhood and enjoy looking at them...thanks for your post! bree

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