Monday, November 22, 2010

I will survive! I will survive! Hey-ey!

We are finally home after the most ridiculous trip to Chicago to date.

I'm not sure what our immune systems have against that city or the direction East. It's like we get 2 hours away and everything goes haywire. Of the last 3 trips we have attempted, one or more of us have ended up ill. My 'uh-oh, hold up and turn around' radar must have been off when we hit a 'sleeping' deer on the interstate at 70mph not too far out of town. I'm thinking that might have been the sign to go home. But we kept going, after a stop at the closest off ramp in the parking lot of the 'Adult Superstore' to verify no excessive damage had been done- aside from cracking the rear bumper.

The Boob Man did not travel well this time, either. I'm thankful we stopped at my aunt and uncle's a couple hours outside of the city to sleep and then took it easy getting going in the morning. What should have taken 3 hours to get from there to the city ended up taking 5 by the time we stopped to get the deer washed off(gave the kid a nice tip, he was a good sport and did a nice job) grabbed something to eat and bought a blow up mattress.

After finally making it to the city just in time for the party, we had treats and a nice time. Queue 11pm baby tossing cookies every hour all night long and that was the end of our fun for the trip. We came this close to going to the parade after going a couple hours without puking and me thinking I could suck it up and make it(I had gotten sick mid Sat morning, as well) and then he threw up again right before we were to leave. Ah well. Nothing like driving a few hundred miles to lay in agony on my brother's couch as my wonderful husband did the grab-baby-and-run to the sink all weekend. Now he's starting to not feel well in addition to the Big Girl.

Let's not forget the 7 hours it took to get back, too. It's *so fun* contorting my body to try and breastfeed my screaming baby while keeping us both safely strapped in. And after taking my daughter to the restroom at a Culver's and telling her explicitly not to touch her face until we wash her hands as she had them all over the toilet seat what does she do? Oh yes. Sigh.

Who says we don't know how to par-tay this holiday week? Christmas Spirit, all around! I'd suggest disinfecting your computer screen, STAT. Happy Monday!


Jen said...

I think this is where I am suppose to say "some day you will look back at that trip and laugh". I know I was laughing reading it, so I am sure you will someday! Until then...BIG HUG! ;)

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Thanks, Jen =) In many ways, I'm already laughing! Also left out the part where Isaac got so mad at some guy in a truck on the way back, he turned on the inside light of our car to better indicate he was 'waving' at him as guy the passed... oye vey! at least the kids were sleeping at that point!

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