Monday, November 1, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event- Only a month away!

You may have noticed the event tab at the top of my page- if not, here is your official introduction! In just a short month, we'll be kicking off the very exciting 'A Merry Fluffy Christmas' giveaway event. Read on for more info:

The BIGGEST Cloth Diapering event this Christmas!!! We're over $3,000 in value so far.

December 1st through 5th

Almost two dozen different blogging mamas!
Each blog will have 5 different prize packages, one each day, that will be at least $25 per day. 

Because we want to give all you cloth diapering families some great fluff for Christmas! Adventures in Green Living has some truly wonderful companies lined up that I will be spotlighting throughout the month.  Here are my current wonderful WAHM's:

Each blog will operate independently; my entries will look something like this:
Follow me on Networked Blogs or GFC
Visit each sponsor as detailed in each package and report with an item you love
Sign up for my newsletter

The idea is not too many and easy entries.

My extra entry is of course, to grab the event button and post it on your blog(main page)! Grab it before Nov. 15th, post here in comments to let me know it's up and you can get 5 extra entries into each of my packages during the event.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I got mine up! I'm so excited about this. Love the idea of cloth diapers that I don't have to put in all the effort to make. (Not that I don't LOVE mine!) Oh, and I do put my snap diapers on backwards, I could change the design a bit to make it a little easier, but I really don't want to just make diapers to make them. When he's a bigger size (or should I say IF he's ever in the bigger size before potty training) then I'll probably change it up, but I did just get some touch tape, and he's having a hard time ripping that off, gosh, it's so new, I'm having a hard time ripping it off.

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