Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday- the Kidlets

I've been a bit behind on my intentions to blog my Thanks on Thursday. And in November, no less!

Today I'm thankful for healthy, growing children. Of course I'm thankful for this every day. It's just a little more at the front of my mind over the past couple days. My 3 year old has been sleeping extra so I'm sure she's headed for a major growth spurt. It's also been interesting watching how she's putting things together all around her. Constantly asking about everything, verifying and classifying information. We have a lot of conversations about how she calls me Mommy and her friends call me Stacy. We also talk a lot about things she did when she was a tiny baby, how Brother drinks Mommy Milk and she used to, also! I look back at pictures from just a year ago and the growth is both amazing and a little sad. She's growing up so fast. This January we will find out if she gets to go to preschool next Fall!

My little man is also changing quickly. He'll be 11 months end of November. It seems to have gone by so much more quickly than I remember with my first. But to that end I feel like this time I am better appreciating and enjoying the baby stage. Sleepless nights and all! It probably helps that we have a great breastfeeding relationship, too. What a wonderful bond my son and I have! He currently has 8 teeth, has had 8 teeth since he was 8 months. Due to the increase whining and fingers in mouth, the 1 year molars are just around the corner. The Boob Man has also taken a few steps the past couple days! Looks like he'll be following in his sister's footsteps(literally) and walking by 11 months. He is so blasted cute!

So that's today's Thankful Thursday. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to experience being a mom of bitty babes. Hopefully I will get to experience it a few more times!


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