Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodwill Adventures and Jason's Belly

I really, really needed to get out of the house today.

It wasn't really a bad day and in fact, we've been out of the house the past 3 days. But it just isn't enough when you have one really whiny sad 10mo old who's probably cutting his first molars. On top of just having gotten over a cold. And being close to walking. Poor little dude! And yes, poor Mama.
Usually the Crazy Green Mommy is all up on being organized with a weekly menu and grocery list. Not so much today. I needed a break. So we opted to go out to eat and I suggested Jason's Deli. It was my favorite when working at MetLife pre-kids. The Chicken Pot Pie with a flaky pastry top? YUM. The hubs hadn't been there before and neither had my girlie. Can I just say right now my saving sanity's grace is the ridiculously cute things my daughter says? She's 3 1/2 and it's so fascinating to watch how she handles language. Example, for some reason she loves Treasure Planet. She used to call it Pleasure Pants. Yeah. Try keeping a straight face on that one. Now it's Pleasure Planet and I might have heard her actually say Treasure Planet for the first time a couple weeks ago. Part of me is sad when she corrects it and the other part recognized this is probably a good thing to learn prior to going to preschool or kindergarten. 'Honey, we don't play with that girl.' (Whispers to other mom- Just what DO they teach that child at home?!)

Anyways, so she asks where we are going and Jason's Deli sounds like Jason's Belly apparently. As I'm unbuckling her carseat she hops down and announces, 'Jason's Belly is cute! It's pink!' 
Maybe it's the lack of consistent sleep or the insanity that's set in from a day of make-my-ears-bleed whining, but this just strikes me as hilarious. Barely, just barely do I manage to keep a straight face while agreeing with her that Jason's Deli is indeed, cute.

After our delicious meal we went to Goodwill. Every time I go there I wonder why we don't go more regularly. Tonight my husband found the cutest cardigan from American Eagle for me. And we found 3 suitable sweaters to refashion into sweet stuffed elephants for the kids this Christmas. Which was our purpose in the first place(sweaters for the project). The Opinionated Little Lady did very well in the store and as a special treat, got to pick out something. I suggested a book but, she went straight for the handbags. Tomorrow I'll get a picture put up of our finds... including the lovely satin and faux fur purse that she will probably be attached to for the next several weeks.... What can I say, she is my girlie girl! 

I couldn't talk her out of it for anything. 

All wools, light brown, red ribbed and navy. Project pictures to come!


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