Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eufora Fortifi review

I've been using Eufora products for 3+ years now- having been introduced to their company through a local salon. After my daughter was born, it was time for a haircut! I'd been having a lot of post-baby hair loss and was really starting to worry about it. Due to my infrequent haircuts(two a year?) and the texture of my hair(a little wavy/coarse/dry), my stylist recommended trying Eufora's Moisture Cleanse shampoo and conditioner. In the past I've found certain big brand products to really strip my hair and dry it out terribly. Eufora did not do this and I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of my hair when it was time for the next haircut. No split ends were in sight! My hair loss had also slowed considerably.

Who is Eufora?

Eufora was founded about 10 years ago by Don and Beth Bewley. Don, a 30-year veteran of the salon professional industry and recognized as having one of the top 5 retailing salons in North America, became frustrated at the lack of quality products available. Eufora was born to offer salon stylists and their clients products that are top-notch and 'People and Planet Friendly.' Instead of the usual water, you'll find certified organic Aloe Vera as the first ingredient. Eufora has also signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, pledging not to use chemicals like phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens and sulfates. The FDA says these things aren't proven to have negative health consequences but as for my family and I, we opt not to use products with those chemicals. 

About a month ago Eufora sent me their Fortifi Strengthening Spray to test out. I should note, I'm not a big fan of additional products(there's not a lot of styling going on here unless you count a messy bun) so I wasn't sure how I'd like it. Fortifi comes in an easy spray bottle that you pump lightly onto the ends of your hair after a light towel dry and comb through. No rinsing needed! It isn't so much an extra styling product as it is like an extra shot of conditioner in my opinion. In fact they say it's like 'a protein shake for your hair' and I believe it! After spraying it in a few pumps I scrunch my hair a bit, throw in a couple bobby pins and go. Yes, truly no fancy styling here! After my hair dries I'm left with soft, silky hair. Easy peasy. I'm actually also looking forward to trying some styling and finishing products Eufora carries now that it's been decided my messy bun will be replaced by a sweet bob. The Curl'N Defining Solution and Pure Polish sound right up my alley!

Eufora products are sold through authorized professional salons. While they are pricier than your drugstore shampoo, a little goes a long way. I've found two bottles of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner to last me an entire year. If I purchase during a special buy period- like buy 2 get 1 half off or the sort- it works out to about $5 a month. Not too shabby for healthy, beautiful hair! 

FTC compliance: I am not paid to endorse Eufora products, I received no compensation. I was sent a product to test; the opinions stated are mine and mine only.


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